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Unintended consequences – Vista SP1 Gotcha – RDC 6.1

**edit just found a new gotcha – see PT. 2 GPMC poof – RSAT tada**

 OK you deployers (not ‘deplorers’ as spell-check comically insists) of Vista SP1, have you noticed that attempts to remotely manage your SBS server (or any Windows 2003 Server) is failing to reach the console despite your use of the /console switch?

The reason is that the Vista SP1 includes the latest RDC client version 6.1. It no longer uses the /console switch but instead uses the /admin as the replacement. If you change your switch syntax of your mstsc.exe shortcuts and scripts then it will return to completing the console connections.

Take note you users of RWW that the console checkbox might not give you what you thought it would.  Connecting via Vista SP1, Server 2008, or soon to come XP SP3 will give the gotcha.  So look out!.  **edit**  posted now on the Official SBS Blog:  http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2008/03/20/using-rww-to-access-console-session.aspx**

Why? You may ask. This is explained in very helpful detail here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947723

The short story is that in a Server 2008 scenario you now no longer require a console connection to do console type work. If you are connecting to the older Server 2003 though you will currently need the /admin switch. Perhaps Server 2003 will be updated to directly work with RDC 6.1 later.

More on the new RDC 6.1:



**also see newly found gotcha – PT. 2 GPMC poof – RSAT tada**