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Outlook information bonanza website

Had a little user profile corruption and had to bail on it and rebuild.  As the administrator of a domain though, the workstation I do the majority of my work from accumulates a lot of customization which makes it valuable.  So I want to be able to rebuild that profile as near as possible to what was originally there.  So I leverage a former post on this blog about ‘Vista profile locations of user profile data’ and copy lots of this specified stuff off.  But then I go to putting it back.

:)  – its not so easy to keep all of this straight but having that reference location post helped a lot


One of the interesting side affects of the work was that as I put back my .NK2 file (Outlook Auto-complete) and in doing that I saw a lot of other special files in the directory …which got me curious.  What are they?   Do I want to preserve those too?  So a little GoogleFU and I arrive searching for a .SRS file …at a very good website and the reason for this post.


all things Outlook and in spades – very well supported tech level in the forum and a good place to come with questions later