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Direct File Downloading via OWA and Mobile Phones Now in SBS 2008

Tested and verified.  This works, is simple to setup, and is cool!

Unleash the Power of OneNote and SharePoint – No Cost Webinar by Malcolm Eaton

· An Overview of OneNote
· Organizing your Notes within OneNote
· Type Anywhere / Autosave
· Taking Screen Clippings
· Integration with Outlook
· Sending Notes in Various Formats
· Auto Table Creation
· Tagging Notes and Creating Note Summary Reports
· Live Note Sharing/Editing Sessions
· Searching Notes and Within Images
· Performing Math Calculations on the fly
· OneNote Etiquette
· Integrating OneNote and SharePoint
· Creating Shared Notebooks in WSS
· Searching OneNote files in SharePoint
· What’s coming in OneNote 2010

The webinar and notes available for on demand replay.

Captare Training is becoming a very leading SharePoint Training portal though its online offering and its hiring of SharePoint MVP’s for its instructors

Outlook information bonanza website

Had a little user profile corruption and had to bail on it and rebuild.  As the administrator of a domain though, the workstation I do the majority of my work from accumulates a lot of customization which makes it valuable.  So I want to be able to rebuild that profile as near as possible to what was originally there.  So I leverage a former post on this blog about ‘Vista profile locations of user profile data’ and copy lots of this specified stuff off.  But then I go to putting it back.

:)  – its not so easy to keep all of this straight but having that reference location post helped a lot


One of the interesting side affects of the work was that as I put back my .NK2 file (Outlook Auto-complete) and in doing that I saw a lot of other special files in the directory …which got me curious.  What are they?   Do I want to preserve those too?  So a little GoogleFU and I arrive searching for a .SRS file …at a very good website and the reason for this post.

all things Outlook and in spades – very well supported tech level in the forum and a good place to come with questions later

Create DNS Service Location (SRV) records for the Exchange Autodiscover service

In earlier blog posts I’ve discussed other DNS records such as the TXT SPF record.  This is a new but very important record that you will want in place for your domain.

Here’s a list of great resources that describe this in detail and include guidance to manually create and publish the record to whomever is hosting your DNS records for the domain.

  • Sean Daniels very good explanation with examples

    Both of those will fail in the default SBS case as the info is actually at With Outlook 2007 SP1 and above, outlook adds a third check. It checks a SRV record, or service. When you run the Internet Address Management wizard with a partner, this SRV record is automatically set. It looks like:

    _autodiscover._tcp IN SRV 0 0 443

  • This blog post goes into what the syntax means piece by piece …a tech deep dive meant to tie in their chat client software to Google Apps.  They do have a tester there too.  Realize that in the GoDaddy record wizard that for SBS you enter @ for the Name field which represents your domain name.
  • Susan Bradley post on the same including a Go Daddy creation guide
  • Microsoft KB 940881- A new feature is available that enables Outlook 2007 to use DNS Service Location (SRV) records to locate the Exchange Autodiscover service
  • Test your record here –
  • double-check to ensure that it was correctly published by those hosting your domain’s DNS records – my fav (but I don’t see SRV record reported) – tech sent me to but none of the tests there seemed to fit
  • – Innovative Business Applications

    Found this today while doing some research on Microsoft OneNote – there are some great ideas and innovative concoctions available for your own download and discovery – think of it as the business process focused version of Live Labs:

    Microsoft Office Labs