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Micro? Mike Rowe – get to work, succeed, and be happy

One of my favorite fun things I added to the blog is the VodPod widget nestled down the widget list on the right hand side.  For an otherwise dry technical blog library it breaks up this heady tome with lightness. In this widget Mike Rowe is featured in a gut busting dirty promo for an HP tablet PC that was once featured off the HP site but now on YouTube.  Mike is an extremely interesting and funny guy and the focus of this post regarding entrepreneurial spirit.

Mike doesn’t follow the same line as most; in fact, he’s a one of a kind on a career path as a celebrity doing all sorts of jobs that require hard work and getting very dirty.  He could opt to use some editorial trickery to produce his Discovery Channel TV show but he actually does the work and often to hilariously disastrous and dirty outcomes.  He uses the lighter side to create an entertainment effect and content balance – rip-off! :).

Today I found he has created a cleverly named site to promote American jobs that require actual work including trades and skilled careers.  Its called Mike Rowe Works and shouldn’t be confused with a museum or any other Micro named site; in fact he could have made it Mike Rowe Works Hard or MikeroweHard (domain yet claimed) but that’s not his direction or distinction.  At there are some really great resources and I found one.

In the Scrap Yard I found this treasure – a call to success for all Entrepreneurs of any Micro or Mike Rowe careers –

…But I wonder sometimes, if the best way to achieve a dream is allow it to follow you, and not the other way around. I suppose if my options were limited to following my dream or following an order, I’d go for the dream. But too many people, in my opinion, follow their dreams straight into a mountain of debt or a sea of regret. Dreams can be fickle.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I learned from doing this show was the idea that following your passion is not nearly as important as bringing it along for the ride. I’ve talked to more than one entrepreneur who laid out this basic same strategy –

1. Step back and look what direction everyone else is heading.
2. Go the other way.
3. Look for something that no one else wants to do.
4. Start doing it.
5. Get really good at it.
6. Find a way to like it.
7. be happy.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who wind up dirty and successful as a result of this approach. It’s a bit mercenary, to be sure. But there are many roads to a happy career, and this is one not often taken.



The Infancy of SBS and Dr. Seuss – Hear a Who? – Codename Historical Factoid

Did you know? …

SBS was once known as SAM or more correctly “Sam”.  This is much the same as “Cougar” was to SBS 2008 or also recently how “Longhorn” was to Vista

SBS was also once known as “Horton”. Do you hear a ‘who’? I do, I do.

in honor and memory of recently deceased radio legend Paul Harvey:
“Here’s the rest of the story.”

After being offered the opportunity via a MVP Summit 2009 proxy to submit requests to the SBS Team in Redmond I took the chance to expand the scope of some of my questions to learn a little about the history of the software product.  Yesterday I had just read something that I wanted to clarify.  Was this story truth or a myth or urban legend?

A recent SBS article I web-stumbled upon was claiming this historical name was once due to intensions to distribute it through SAM’s Club and for it to be so simple as to not require any technical skill to install.  So I wanted some answers and I got everything I wanted “in spades” and from a DIRECT source.  …let me explain

First, I’d like to thank MVP Kevin Royalty for acting as a researcher and go between.

****key in some 2001 Space Odyssey music and dim and then ever so slowly raise the lights to dramatic effect****

(Narrator deep dramatic voice)
So originally SBS is an idea and then it became a reality.

In the beginning …a guy named Keith Logan came up with the SBS idea.  Also Paul Fitzgerald coworker with Keith Logan , SBS Dev Team founding and current member, was directly involved with the genesis of the SBS product at that moment of inception.  Here’s his very helpful emailed response (sparingly shortened and chronologically re-ordered) today that was given to me:

From: Dale Unroe
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009
To: Kevin Royalty

Yesterday, I stumbled onto a story that stated that historically the very first version of SBS was in fact something called SAM because it was to be solely distributed through Sam’s Club and wasn’t to require any technical knowledge to install.  Can you verify if these are the facts?  What can you uncover while there in the bowels of the SBS secret archives?

From: Paul Fitzgerald
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009
To: Kevin Royalty
Subject: RE: sbs was “SAM”?

4.0 was called Sam.  (as in Sam I Am the Dr Seuss book. The original creator of the SBS idea was a guy named Keith Logan and he was a Dr. Seuss fan

4.5 was called Horton (again in the same Dr. Seuss theme)

There is some truth to the sam’s club thinking but the code name was really from Dr. Seuss.

From: Kevin Royalty
To: Paul Fitzgerald

May I pass this on to Dale?

From: Paul Fitzgerald



********Wow!! – so there we have it and right from an SBS inception & development member Paul Fitzgerald – SBS was named “Sam” and not “SAM”.

imagehaving just found this today I laughed out a loud – woohooo
…and so perhaps Google, like Horton, gives a ‘who’ too!

<roll credits and raise the house lights>

***and that smashes the weakly researched story and busts this short-lived myth***

BTW – I didn’t mention SBS 2003 codename ‘Bobcat’, also SBS 2000’s codename  is nothing as there never was one given which was common to the Windows 2000 product family

Technology and the Lord of the Flies

Ever felt like you as the admin become feared and resisted rather than appreciated? You’re no longer the helpful heroic huckster but rather the dark shadowy guy behind the curtain who magically does stuff and changes stuff and generally is a menace to the peace of the norm?  …who has imposed over the threshold of tolerance of mild mannered meandering innocent users such that courteous, collaborative, and professional relationships turn dark, cynically saturated, and ugly?

It’s the island of the Lord of the Flies and the savages are yelling out ‘Piggy’.  They want you at the stake and the bonfire is alight.

… well you have my sympathies

 now buck up and get back to work

Our job is fantastic.

SBS 2008 Migration Primer – courtesy of LOST

Did you make a backup …yet?  All is not LOST …but it’s TIME.
Don’t depend on dangerous and complex recovery methods.

Specialist: There is something in there.
The only way to get to it is to lay charges here and here.
Project Lead: Under no circumstances! …don’t be absurd.
There are rules, rules that can’t be broken.
Specialist: So what do you want me to do?
Project Lead: …If you drill even one centimeter closer, you risk releasing the energy.
If that were to happen *dramatic pause* God help us all!
Specialist: Did you hear that?
*sarcasm* Time travel? How stupid does that guy think we are?

…DU-IT smart, back up your server, and DU-IT today so nothing will be LOST!

do not attempt time travel – DU-IT makes no claims of any such success using this method of data recovery. As Sheriff Bufford T. Justice once said ‘you can think about it, but don’t do it.’

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Wirelessness – what tha? dual band? 2.4 or 5GHz “n”?

Having been doing some shopping for a wireless network of late I thought I’d try and discover what the whole “dual band” ‘n’ router thing was and why I would benefit from buying one especially since the costs are much higher than a single band ‘n’ model. In the process I’ve learned a lot more about bandwidths and the pro’s and con’s of 2.4GHz versus a 5GHz band. I didn’t know the draft ‘n’ specification includes both radio frequency bands; furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily require operation on both. Yes, that means it could be either one and this is of course pretty important to connecting a transmitter with a receiver (networking). I’ve also learned that there aren’t many 5GHz ‘n’ products on the market if there are any at all.  Let me Google that for you.  I’ve also learned that the promise of a 5GHz HOV styled expressway for wirelessness is in reality less than fantastic in that the higher bandwidth 5GHz doesn’t penetrate through walls as well nor go quite as far as 2.4GHz.

Here’s some more 5GHz food for thought –

The next ongoing discovery was that Linksys (and others aka NetGear do the same) sells and promotes their simultaneous “dual band” expensive high-margin router (WRT610n) promising the ability to get better HD video streaming and oimagenline gaming performance on the relatively empty 5GHz band versus the crowded 2.4GHz band. …that sounds great The hollow and empty promise truth is that Linksys doesn’t sell a single 5GHz N network adapter (WMP300N is 2.4GHz) except for notebooks; you aren’t going to be throwing a simple adapter into that gaming rig box at your or your boy’s desk. That’s right and you are probably now connecting the dots. …all hype and no delivery Worse yet, you cannot easily find what band their “N” adapter offerings operates at (whether 2.4GHz or 5GHz); at least not from any of the product literature, spec sheets, and packaging that I’ve looked over (some mfg’s do provide this). Lacking a desired decent desktop adapter card, your only option then is to purchase another 5 GHz router and use it as a bridge with its wired ports.  In fact this is kinda what NetGear is selling as a “kit”.

bah humbug!  …this is one frustrated & frequency fatigued shopper