This blog is an advocate for business having reliable experiences deploying and using technology and embracing the saner sider of the pulsating push/pull of innovation.  I’ve created this blog to contribute to the vibrant IT professional consultant community to payback a little of the rich knowledge I’ve received over a decade as a Windows systems engineer.  As a consultant it can be an ever changing and dynamic environment where a single administrator must grasp and oversee every technology that an enterprise would have full-time departments to address.  Moreover we need to get things done on sometimes tight budgets and squeezed timetables.  It’s an uphill climb, so strap on a pair and grab that rock.Sisyphus

The Greek mythology describes Sisyphus as a clever guy who never relented in finding a way to get whatever he wanted done.  He even cheated death for a short time.  This is a great metaphor for describing the magic of the marrying of business essential software in the real world of business demands.

Eventually Sisyphus’ cleverness included circumventing Zeus.  This angered him sufficiently to get Sisyphus placed in the lowest level of the underworld and punished by having to infinitely having to carry a boulder up a hill only to have it fall and end up back to the bottom.  With Microsoft we might parallel this scenario with a Service Pack, Update Rollup, an entire version rollout, or even the removal of the entire brand circa Microsoft SBS, ISA, Forefront, Response Point,  …etc.  Initially I began as a consultant focussed primarily on SBS but now it is no more – omg doh!

For the past 10 years or so I’ve been very inspired by many in the technology delivery services for small business community and from all over the world.  The SBS Team, BOB, MVP’s throughout the world, TS2 guru’s and a lot of other good folks at and beyond Microsoft have been very responsive and innovative to provide a competitive product and support to grow SBS into a hugely distributed worldwide business culture.  Now that SBS has set sail for the island of misfits the future practical SB landscape expands out beyond Microsoft where software strongholds like email services become commoditized in the cloud and Exchange is just another choice not the dominant monopoly it has been.

We’ve all got our mountains and hills to climb in the technology business but its a lot easier knowing extra hands, eyes, and support are there to help and only a web away.  My goal is to not drop the boulder and with such a great support network it is possible to climb higher.  Thank you to my many colleagues who contribute and help.

I am Dale Unroe and I wish anyone from my corner of the world in Cincinnati and Cleveland and whoever else finds their way here from Under There, Across the Pond or parts in-between feels welcomed to read and pass more along to your fellow business peers.

Mug Shot

If you find something helpful please let me know.  Likewise if you find something in error also write a comment so I can correct it.


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  1. For the past year or so I tried doing a blog with Microsoft Live Spaces; however, older posts mysteriously disappeared without notice. What I discovered was the limited nature of the blogs posted there. Unfortunately I wanted to actually save the blogs for the purpose of using the blog as a library or repository of tips and handy knowledge. So here we are on a new blog and like Sisyphus I’m back down at the bottom of the hill and am lifting up the blog boulder once more. We’ll just have to see how this one goes. At least I can post from MS Word 2007 now! That’s going to be really convenient.

  2. new theme added 3/3/2009

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  4. Do you know who the artist is that did this painting?

  5. Thanks for your site. I wanted to let you know that I was looking for information to send to one of my customers and copied the information from your site to them. Then I noticed that you have a picture of the New River Gorge Bridge on your site. The funny thing is my customer site is probably 2 miles from the bridge. Its a small world.

    • I’m so jealous that you work in that area …was just reading about how massive the Lower Gauley gets in the Spring. Will work for whitewater 🙂 …just sayin help a brother out.

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