user virtualization – huh?

**subtitle**  do words in marketing matter anymore?

OK I had my laugh when the term ‘cloud’ (drawn in network diagrams to visualize the internet) became associated with the latest marketing blitz and especially when it became associated with things that have nothing to do with the internet aka ‘private cloud’.  Now I read from company AppSense that they are selling a product that provides (no joke) user virtualization.  Yes, that’s right you don’t even need users anymore for your network.  Human resources is going to be a lot more simplified and without even any off shore outsourcing?  …ha-ha well not exactly

I’m sure this is but clever marketing but maybe too clever to be understandable or of use beyond the shock of an irrational construct.  As I tried to discern why I had emails coming from this company, I opted to just go to their homepage and see if any memories of research or of a prior business conference encounter perhaps got triggered …none did.  Nevertheless the product offering of ‘user virtualization’ struck me right away – holding back to stay objective and explorative I couldn’t help wonder what this strange coined product offering could entail.  My marketing BS O-meter warning was going off.  Now after reading in their words and explanation I am not certain of anything beyond a vague conceptual management layer to allow an administrator to manage and importantly provide governance over every possibility a business user might broach from this single software interface.  Pie in the sky fluff?  Dunno – gut says likely not likely so simple -  in any case not really going to investigate further at this time to invest the time for a demo.  Perhaps this is but a mere formality to publish to the public some novel description as their sales are not intended to be driven via this venue and the target audience were investors.

As I expand my knowledge and skill into IT governance for the growing need for business compliance to PCI DSS, HIPPA, …etc., it is inevitable this road will get crossed again.  Hopeful by that time that the marketers have clearly ‘cut to the chase’ or are cut out and replaced with usable language from technical salesmen.

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4 responses to “user virtualization – huh?

  1. Hi Dale,

    Hope all is well and thank you for posting your article. My name is Gareth Kitson, I work for AppSense and I can understand your questions and I have heard/seen similar responses and thoughts to what you have published from other folks as they first learn about ‘User Virtualization’.

    I can see why the term generates such questions, with that said I posted a blog last year explaining some of the reasoning and meaning behind the name, and a little bit on what AppSense actually does – you can read it here on the AppSense blog ->!.aspx

    I hope it answers some of your questions, and if you have any other questions I’m happy to try and answer them and keen to hear any further thoughts.

    Many thanks and regards,
    Gareth Kitson – AppSense.

    • wow …its like a genie in the bottle – I rub back and forth and say a couple of fun words and poof! …I get the technical cut to the chase explanation that really makes sense of this ‘user virtualization’ word chase.

      Thanks to Gareth and AppSense for being so responsive and instructive.

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