Just the Fax – Where did it go? Pt. 2 …as in ‘why isn’t the default viewer opening up my .tif?’ – Vista edition


Just the Fax – Where did it go? Post Office 2003 SP3 Blues – **note** this former blog entry pertained to XP and its instructions are still relevant; however, Vista presents its own unique challenges

Just the Fax – Where did it go? Post Office 2003 SP3 Blues « Upwards with SBS – SBSisyphus’ Weblog

The above link is from XP and Office 2003 days gone bye.  In the new era of Vista we have a new problem, .tif files are not opened by this same program and registering the .dll mentioned in the former blog article won’t set thing straight.  Instead you will have to attempt to open a .tif and then choose the correct program file along with “always” to set this as the default program for .tif viewing going forward.

The default should be the Windows Photo Gallery.  To choose this to open the single targeted file and not a whole gallery, rather than select the Windows Photo Gallery program instead choose to browse to %systemdrive%\Program Files\Windows Photo Gallery\PhotoViewer.dll.

A Microsoft KB has come out with a fix:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967054/en-us

You can also do this without invocation by instead opening Default Programs (Winkey – Default Programs) and then specifying by file type association the above path and file.

**note** Quicktime seems to like to set itself to open .tiff files so just change that one too why you are at it.


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