‘AddThis’ button for organic web content sharing

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I discovered the above button and pop out social sharing menu at the bottom of every blog post of a colleague of mine has on Blogger and thought ‘what a great idea!’.  So I’ve now figured out how to add one manually to a post.  Its a trick of copying the HTML code into the Source view and then go back to the edit view to finish the blog writing.  Next step is to encourage the Live Writer developers to generate a plug-in to add this to every post auto-magically.  This is how I discovered its use and would very much like to imitate this smart idea.

Thanks goes to SBS guru Sean Daniel who I now aggregate on the right column.

2 responses to “‘AddThis’ button for organic web content sharing

  1. Thanks for using AddThis. Sorry that you have to copy and paste it into each post. We’re talking to WordPress and hoping that they’ll let us have a better integration with their WordPress.com hosted blogs. Let me know if there is anything we can do to make it better for you. – justin@addthis.com

    • You’ll notice that the spring out menu action doesn’t quite work as designed either. Getting this working would be a very valuable asset to have as a blogger on WordPress.com . I look forward to seeing its eventual WordPress.com integration and Live Writer integration as a ‘salutation’ type appendage to each blog

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