Today was a Sisyphus Day

Carrying the boulder up the hill again …this time doing an endless SBS 2008 migration the “Microsoft Way”. Not that I didn’t know in advance that it would be daunting. I’m just saying after 5 sleepless days the d#@! boulder is starting to get annoying.

After a very simple third party certificate installation process – Kudos to SBS developement team magic on that one – now onto why XP client are unable to use RWW even though they are on SP3, while Vista clients are no prob.  ( ) This is killing me!


4 responses to “Today was a Sisyphus Day

  1. I’m curious what type (break fix or managed services) and size client this is. Whos paying for all your hours? Part of the managed services? Additional outside of MS? Did you quote them a firm price / number of hours for this?



    • There are times where due to your longstanding customer relationships you just have to bite the bullet and do what is right. This is actually my underlying business philosophy which is ‘reliable and affordable technology solutions for small businesses’. The only way to know that something is a bad idea is to discover it by doing it. Fortunately this client knows I will be fair in my billing so they gave me grace with the remote workers stranded for a couple of days while the bugs got sorted. I know I’ll streamline the process now after I reconcile all my notes but I’ll also be taking a serious look at whatever Jeff Middleton offers for his Swing Product solution.

      During the installation the very first thing you do in running the Migrate SBS task in the post installation Server Console went wrong. I will blog about this separately and some other day. This Microsoft Support Call Business Down crisis snowballed into that first sleepless night running back to back as I tried to get enough of the issues fixed for the remote workers to be able to work. Some amazing lessons learned that once I’m clear headed I look forward to adopting for future such endeavors.

  2. interesting – let us know how you get on! I’ve used the Jeff Swing migration on several 2003 installations and love the process – works very well and I’ve had very few go live issue. As long as you follow the instructions and dont skip any steps you dont have any problems.

    • Yes, in SBS 2003 the ‘Swing” was the thing. In SBS 2008 though Jeff has been slowly beta testing his product and I really don’t want to be a guineau pig for Microsoft or Jeff. My Cincinnati colleague and SBS MVP Kevin Royalty has worked alongside and actually co-presented with Jeff Middleton at a recent “Middleton Migration Event” Technology Wizards event in Portland, OR. So I’ve been bouncing my learned pains and experiences through him. We are both in agreement that the Microsoft migration way is less than great; instead the Swing method once ‘released to production’ will only become more valuable in taking away major painful aspects and likely will keep all business functions online throughout the majority of the process.

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