Micro? Mike Rowe – get to work, succeed, and be happy

One of my favorite fun things I added to the blog is the VodPod widget nestled down the widget list on the right hand side.  For an otherwise dry technical blog library it breaks up this heady tome with lightness. In this widget Mike Rowe is featured in a gut busting dirty promo for an HP tablet PC that was once featured off the HP site but now on YouTube.  Mike is an extremely interesting and funny guy and the focus of this post regarding entrepreneurial spirit.

Mike doesn’t follow the same line as most; in fact, he’s a one of a kind on a career path as a celebrity doing all sorts of jobs that require hard work and getting very dirty.  He could opt to use some editorial trickery to produce his Discovery Channel TV show but he actually does the work and often to hilariously disastrous and dirty outcomes.  He uses the lighter side to create an entertainment effect and content balance – rip-off! :).

Today I found he has created a cleverly named site to promote American jobs that require actual work including trades and skilled careers.  Its called Mike Rowe Works and shouldn’t be confused with a museum or any other Micro named site; in fact he could have made it Mike Rowe Works Hard or MikeroweHard (domain yet claimed) but that’s not his direction or distinction.  At www.mikeroweworks.com there are some really great resources and I found one.

In the Scrap Yard I found this treasure – a call to success for all Entrepreneurs of any Micro or Mike Rowe careers – http://www.mikeroweworks.com/scrap-yard/mikes-blog/:

…But I wonder sometimes, if the best way to achieve a dream is allow it to follow you, and not the other way around. I suppose if my options were limited to following my dream or following an order, I’d go for the dream. But too many people, in my opinion, follow their dreams straight into a mountain of debt or a sea of regret. Dreams can be fickle.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I learned from doing this show was the idea that following your passion is not nearly as important as bringing it along for the ride. I’ve talked to more than one entrepreneur who laid out this basic same strategy –

1. Step back and look what direction everyone else is heading.
2. Go the other way.
3. Look for something that no one else wants to do.
4. Start doing it.
5. Get really good at it.
6. Find a way to like it.
7. be happy.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who wind up dirty and successful as a result of this approach. It’s a bit mercenary, to be sure. But there are many roads to a happy career, and this is one not often taken.



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