Server 2008 Core Windows Updates Full Management

The latest version of the SmartX Core Configurator takes a stripped down default process and makes it fully admin friendly. No more do you have to unplug and pray that the updates install while your reboot the Core machine. WSUS can tell you what you need installed, you can approve the install but there is no way to ‘on demand’ force it to initiate the installation process. If it fails to install you aren’t given easy access to the relevant logged information. If you feel like the Core OS’ scant footprint is too scant in this are then you need this tool. Like Exchange 2007 which is fully Power Shell driven so is Core; and also like Exchange you can build a nice GUI to call common shell scripts to do some quick work rather than fill your mind with more information to memorize (and forget).


In next window hit Advanced button.


And then you can Search for needed updates and check the box and install whatever subset of updates you wish. You can even see a history of whatever is installed on the Core machine – very nice!



One response to “Server 2008 Core Windows Updates Full Management

  1. Cool tool!

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