Reference – WSUS 3.0 wsusutil command-line utility

Summary of wsusutil Commands



Updates the WSUS server registry key after the IIS configuration has changed.


Configures health monitoring values in the database. If new values are not specified, the current values are displayed.


Part of the export/import process used to synchronize a downstream WSUS without using a network connection.

Exports update metadata to an export package file. You cannot use this parameter to export update files, update approvals, or server settings.


The second part of the export/import process.

Imports update metadata to a server from an export package file created on another WSUS server. This synchronizes the destination WSUS server without using a network connection.


Changes the file system location where the WSUS server stores update files, and optionally copies any update files from the old location to the new location


Lists the front-end servers related to this WSUS server.


Deletes the specified front-end server from the WSUS database.


Checks the health of the WSUS serve. Results will appear in the Application Event log.


Checks that every update metadata row in the database has corresponding update files stored in the file system. If update files are missing or have been corrupted, downloads the update files again.


Returns a list of update titles with approvals that are in a permanently inactive state because of a change in server language settings.


Removes approvals for updates that are in a permanently inactive state because of a change in WSUS server language settings.


Changes the port number used by the WSUS Web services from 80 to 8530 or vice versa.


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