SBS 2008 Migration Primer – courtesy of LOST

Did you make a backup …yet?  All is not LOST …but it’s TIME.
Don’t depend on dangerous and complex recovery methods.

Specialist: There is something in there.
The only way to get to it is to lay charges here and here.
Project Lead: Under no circumstances! …don’t be absurd.
There are rules, rules that can’t be broken.
Specialist: So what do you want me to do?
Project Lead: …If you drill even one centimeter closer, you risk releasing the energy.
If that were to happen *dramatic pause* God help us all!
Specialist: Did you hear that?
*sarcasm* Time travel? How stupid does that guy think we are?

…DU-IT smart, back up your server, and DU-IT today so nothing will be LOST!

do not attempt time travel – DU-IT makes no claims of any such success using this method of data recovery. As Sheriff Bufford T. Justice once said ‘you can think about it, but don’t do it.’

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