Fax sent but not received – SBS Sending Fax Gotcha

An issue with the SBS Fax Server I’ve recently rediscovered is that there is a condition that can render a previously outbound functioning Fax Server inoperable and you won’t receive any errors or alerts to this fact until someone doesn’t get the fax they were intended.  You will appear to successfully send the fax from the workstation but it never make it onto the phone line to the outside world.  Here’s why and how to remedy it.

Fax Device got unplugged (intentionally or otherwise) and server reboots without it connected.  Fax device plugged back in – server stays running without rebooting.  Fax powers on and receives faxes.  When sending a fax it never gets received.

SBS Fax uses Outgoing Routing Groups and Rules.  The previously configured Group and Rule do not automatically add the fax device that had previously been associated even when the system can recognize the device.

Manually use the fax manager to select the Target Device for all needed associated Rules.



2 responses to “Fax sent but not received – SBS Sending Fax Gotcha

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the solution…

    I hope that I won’t get any problems with email faxing services.

    I think sending fax messages through online with an email account will reduce some issues..

    I am using a free fax service from 800PBX by which I can send fax messages at free of cost via internet.

    Its free, simple and fast to send fax messages anywhere in US and Canada.

    • while online faxing can work for some it isn’t a cure all – also having the local .tif archive of all fax activity can be very important if the content is of high business stakes or value – it’s good to know about this online service offering which is a teaser in the hopes someone will buy one of the other offerings – still ‘free’ is my kinda teaser 🙂

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