Rosetta Stone discovered – Microsoft Speak unraveled

Speaksy English?  YES! – TYVM Eric 🙂

What did he say? Deciphering “Microsoft speak”

On Friday, there was an email thread going around amongst some Partners trying to decipher what an answer they had received from Microsoft really meant. Why? Because the people from Microsoft responding to the question fell into the trap of using “Microsoft speak” or “the excessive use of acronyms to see who can say the most with the fewest letters possible.” I’ve even heard rumors we have some teen cell phone texting champs on campus to help us get even more efficient and completely rule out the use of any full words… No, just kidding!  🙂

Well, to try and help out, I thought I would take the acronyms included in that email, as well as several others, and post the REAL meanings up here so that they can hopefully help you in the future in the event one of us Microsoft folks start throwing out random multi-letter acronyms again in a conversation (and let me apologize in advance on behalf of all of them). Of course, you could just slap us and say, “ENGLISH PLEASE!” to snap us out of it. (Maybe you better skip the slapping part since I am not sure who from Microsoft you may be speaking to)

…translations, babble and more here:  ->Microsoft SMB Community Blog


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