SharePoint Application Template EZ Installation via Script

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting to the Cincinnati SPUG, SharePoint Users Group at MAX –

My presentation materials can all be found at my website at

The reason why you might be interested in checking this out for yourself is that I’ve compiled a batch script which will install all of the SharePoint Fantastic Forty Application Templates (and any others you throw in the install directory) in a simple 6 minute process.  This simple process is what is missing from the free download and instead you would have had to go to the command line and type a series of STSADM commands over and over.  An appreciative colleague of mine complained to me that I should have written this several months back when he spent over 1-1/2 hours installing the template pack. 🙂

In addition, I’ve provided a compliation of encompassing information from Microsoft on Site Admin Templates and Server Admin Templates.  I hope you enjoy this centralized information portal as much as I have in building it.

Please leave a comment right here after you get a chance to see and use it.  If there is something I’ve overlooked or could be changed to make it better please let me know.


2 responses to “SharePoint Application Template EZ Installation via Script

  1. First of all – what a time saver! Secondly, I had a few things to add which were not a result of the script but my SharePoint installation. I added WSS 3.0 to my SBS server so the install behavior wasn’t totally clean. Here’s what I did to get it to run as intended:

    1. I changed where ‘stsadm’ was referenced in the script to the explicit path to the command. On my server it was ‘c:\”Program Files”\”common files”\”microsoft shared”\”web server

    extensions”\12\bin\stsadm.exe’. It appeared to be grabbing the stsadm.exe associated with WSS 2.0 (the default on a small business server). The clue was when running ‘stsadm -help’ there was no ‘addsolution’ option.

    2. For whatever reason, the Windows SharePoint Services Administration was not started. When I first ran the script, I received a ‘The timer job for this operation has been created, but it will fail because the administrative service for this server is not enabled.” error. After I restarted the service and ran a series of ‘stsadm-o enumdeployments’ to get the job id’s of the failed jobs and then ‘stsadm-o canceldeployment-id “GUID jobId” ‘ to cancel them, I was able to re-run the batch file and everything loaded beautifully.

    • Thanks Jeff,

      Thanks for that workaround information and I assume you mean SBS 2003 since SBS 2008 comes only with WSS 3.0 and you don’t add it to WSS 2.0.

      As an asside, I for one appreciate all the important work you do there at Dunlap keeping everything zipped. From this day forward and every time I put on a pair of pants and they don’t let the horses out, I’ll be reminded of this conversation. You are the DU-IT citizen of the day.

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