SharePoint ActiveX Override (SPAXO)

Here’s another Codeplex free concoction to enhance your SharePoint site. This HTTP Module removes the annoying and not needed (in this specific scenario) Active X security prompt when accessing an Internet (public) facing SharePoint site.

Creator, Larry Riemann of SharePoint 911 was kind enough to present his code design to the Cincinnati SPUG (SharePoint User Group) last evening at MAX Technical Training.  This was following my presentation on an easy site template scripted installation (blog post soon).  That place rocks BTW!  It cannot be said enough, thank you Denise Bartick and Stacey Creamer for your ongoing user group support!

Although I’m not a developer (or interested in becoming one) I was amazed at the complexity and simplicity of the code work he had presented.  As he stated over and over, this code was focused on universal functionality and “performant” (is that really a word?) response.

SharePoint ActiveX Override (SPAXO)
by Larry Riemann and Randy Drisgill
Project Description
SPAXO is a solution that hides the Name.dll ActiveX warning which many public facing MOSS sites experience with IE7. This Feature adds JavaScript that disables the warning via a .NET HTTP Module. Simply deploy and activate, no need to edit the master page.
Download Now
SPAXO Benefits

  • Overrides the JavaScript that causes the Name.dll ActiveX message to show in IE7
  • Installs via SharePoint solution (WSP) and activated by a SharePoint Feature
  • No need to edit your master page or pages
  • Affects all pages of your site
  • Works with every master page
  • Works despite switching master pages
  • Can be turned off easily by de-activating the Feature

SharePoint ActiveX Override (SPAXO) – Home


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