An encouraging and touching story of an abortion survivor

Abortion Survivor’s Dramatic Appearance in the Colorado House of Representatives-Truth!

After hearing this woman, Gianna Jesson, speak on the radio today I was fascinated by her story.  So as is my techy affliction, I Googled for more information on this woman.  The above link is but one encouraging story of a very bright life being lived.  If you’ve ever heard her speak it is not a typical listening experience, she speaks with a very strong will and at the same time draws you in close.  It is as if you could hear her smiles and brightness; considering the circumstances its curiously extraordinary.

So after a day in which the state of Ohio and my city was declared “an Emergency” due to high wind damage in which over 580,000 people remain without power in the Cincinnati area, this provided a little bit of balance back to the day’s chaos.

…more on the SBS 2008 launch event held tonight after I get some sleep


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