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Exchange System Manager in Exchange Server 2003 stops responding when you try to access Exchange Help after you install Internet Explorer 7

If you install IE7 on an SBS box with Exchange System Manager 2003, then you will need to follow the steps to rename the 

Drive_Letter:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\psapi.dll

…file to psapi.dll.old so that the system will instead use the one in the %Windir%\System32 directory.  This condition causes an error when accessing Exchange Help and closes the Exchange System Manager UI.

Exchange System Manager in Exchange Server 2003 stops responding when you try to access Exchange Help after you install Internet Explorer 7

Exchange System Manager in Exchange Server 2003 stops responding when you try to access Exchange Help after you install Internet Explorer 7


How to troubleshoot the POP3 Connector in Windows Small Business Server 2003

After observing intermittent problematic POP connector received email bounces I dug a little deeper and discovered a KB that covers this issue in great detail.  This is linked below.

For my particular discovered problematic SBS 2003 R2 environment, Exchange had been re-installed.  Apparently this contributed to the condition and following the directions towards the end of the KB worked for me.  This was specifically to re-register the POP3 Connector event sink in IIS.  This involved running:

%programfiles%\microsoft windows small business server\networking\pop3\imbreg.exe

Following the subsequent directions I verified it by creating and running the described script.  So far so good.

How to troubleshoot the POP3 Connector in Windows Small Business Server 2003

How to troubleshoot the POP3 Connector in Windows Small Business Server 2003

The System Properties UI quick command

From a Run prompt (winkey+R) enter sysdm.cpl.  This will invoke the System Properties UI in Server 2008 or Vista without any clicking.

This can be useful as from here you can gain access to the Device Management UI.  If you are installing a virtual OS in Hyper-V sometimes a critical driver isn’t installed from the install media (such as the NIC in SBS 2008).  Through this method you can invoke the Device Management UI and manually install the needed driver.  First though you would need to get to a Run prompt and to do this you bring up Task Manager Ctrl+Alt+End (Hyper-V) and from File menu choose the “New Task (Run)” option.

In the example of SBS 2008 you need to run the Integrated Services Setup Disk to gain virualized networking hardware functionality.  First from the Run prompt type “Explorer.exe” to open Explorer.  Next, with any previous ISO ejected, you choose from the Action menu to Insert this ‘Disk’.  With Explorer now running, the mounted disk will Autorun and install.  A restart will be needed and afterwards you can finish the SBS 2008 installation.

The location of this is at “C:\Windows\System32\sysdm.cpl ” in case you want to create a shortcut.

FTP and ISA 2004 – Upload Roadblock Take Down

This issue has been one of my ongoing frustrations for a very long time.  I simply wanted to be able to enable FTP uploads.  Knowing the security risks of this scenario I knowlingly wanted the ability to upload when I need to and turn it off on demand when I don’t.  For my efforts I had it partly working from the LAN but not the WAN.

In SBS 2003 Premium w/ ISA 2004 this entails configuring that the ISA FTP Filter is not in “Read Only” mode for any traffic using the FTP protocol you want write capabilities to work.  To do this you have to “Configure FTP” (right click rule) at every applicable rule within the listings of the Firewall Policy.

The odd thing was that I had already done that …or so I thought.  What had alluded me is that there are a couple of additional rules with the FTP protocol hidden under their broad scope.  The reason for this was that the listed protocol can also encapsulate a host of protocols including FTP and rules with that situation were being overlooked by moi.  So here is the listing of the four rules I needed to edit.

  • SBS FTP Server Access (External to Local Host)
  • SBS FTP Outbound Access (Local Host to External)
  • SBS Protected Networks Access Rule (All Protected Networks to All Protected Networks)
  • SBS Internet Access Rule (All Protected Networks to External)

The thanks for this breakthrough for my mental meltdown go to Bob Hood, Syd Lines, and Eric Rogers for the following linked thread.  There are other deeper dives into FTP issues and fixes there including great information from Jim Harrison.

FTP and ISA 2004 – KWSupport

SBS 2008 Product Launch Tour Visits Cincinnati

SBS 2008 Launch Tour visited our windblown and powered off (580,000+ outages) city yesterday.  We had to scramble and relocate the meeting so we didn’t have to run a PowerPoint presentation via candles. It was encouraging that a descent crowd found the changed last minute gathering spot.

SBS 2008

Can’t say anything revolutionary was learned that I hadn’t already seen from using the SBS 2008 RC code but it was nice to converse with someone from the development team and marketing team.  It was also fun to throw out some suggestions to the guys who can implement them or directly influence those that can.  One suggestion that got good reception was for a web based matrix in order to provide a simple guide of upgrade options based upon licenses and CALS presently owned.  Bernardo Munoz, Microsoft Director of Marketing, took particular interest in surveying with raised hands how many current clients would likely upgrade during the next year.  The popular estimate was that 30-40% of businesses would upgrade and the remaining market for SBS 2008 would be new purchases.

There was quite a lot of conversation over the changes to the emerging licensing non-enforcement ‘honor code’ system and how that would play out in the competitive marketplace; it should be interesting to see if everyone plays fairly.   When things aren’t concrete there is uneasiness and that was revealed in spades.

We did learn that there will be a short term period in which Open Value Subscriptions might be leveraged to get a current SBS install qualified for an upgrade; however, as always the devil is in the details and we weren’t presented with those.  There is a licensing boot camp coming next week from the Heartland PCM, Brad Rozen, so I hope to learn more then.  My guess is that Eric Ligman will also have great and timely licensing and Open Value resources to support us during launch if they aren’t there already.

We were told that SBS 2003 R2 SKU’s will continue to be listed for sale through the end of October; so if you want to take advantage of SA rights and getting the extra software such as ISA 2006, an extra Server 2003 R2 license, Outlook 2007/Entourage, …etc and cheaper prices, the window is quickly closing to take advantage of the deal.

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t call attention to some nice rebates and incentives that have come in place such as the Big Easy 2.0.  Brad Rozen, Heartland PCM, touched on this and as always was very well heard; he can deliver and be understood throughout a crowded room.  Also Brad called the Partners’ attention to upcoming licensing boot camps including next Tuesday’s in the Cincinnati Microsoft Corporate offices.  Additionally others are scheduled in other cities in the upcoming weeks.