John Howard : Windows XP SP3 on Hyper-V

Microsoft’s John Howard posted this insightful tip – you can download an ISO of XP SP3 which of course makes it easy to mount as a virtual disk in order to create a XP SP3 virtual image.  You might want to do that for testing …perhaps 🙂  – besides testing, if you want the Integration Services to install so say …that you can have a network connection …then this is also relevant.

Who is John Howard? – My top favorite Server Core & Hyper-V blog author & Senior Program Manager, Hyper-V team, Windows Core Operating System Division.

As you are probably aware from KB949219 (RC0 release of Hyper-V), the Hyper-V Integration Services in our RC0 release require Service Pack 3 to install on Windows XP 32-bit. The final build of SP3 was released to yesterday. Here’s the links (and I like the way they are also packaging it as an ISO which makes it dead easy to update a virtual machine).

 Landing Page for SP3
Download link for ISO
Download link for standalone install

John Howard : Windows XP SP3 on Hyper-V


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