Slooow index response = Vista & Outlook ’07 user angst

I’ve been quietly suffering for a long while and this has affected my productivity in significant ways.  Outlook 2007 has sluggishly performed to the point of it being a half a day task to just read the incoming stuff.  Vista’s instant search became less than instant some time ago and I was worked around it using the tried and true way of typing paths or browsing trees is still as good today as it was during XP.  That doesn’t make it a smart move to ignore a festering wound though and finally it caught up to me.  So what to do?  Google “Outlook 2007 indexing Vista”.  Here’s the lifesaving gem I found:

Watch out for a Microsoft Outlook 2007 indexing issue in Windows Vista

thank you Serdar Ygulalp


This article provides enough of a glimpse into how Vista indexing works that I now believe their isn’t any mystery to this at all.  I’ll continue to tune my indexed locations until I get the needed performance.  I may even consider putting the index on its own drive to speed up performance.

**notice the short list of other useful related topics towards the bottom of the article

In that short list I found this standout topic: 

Troubleshoot a corrupt Outlook profile after a Vista upgrade


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