Applet & MMC – Off ‘Run’ & On the Quick

my shortlist of quick “Run” entries for Control Panel Applet & MMC console opening:

  • appwiz.cpl
    • Add/Remove Programs
  • secpol.msc
    • Local Security Settings MMC
  • gpedit.msc
    • Local Computer Policy (Group Policy w/o the “group”)
    • useful if you want have a WSUS server in house and you are building up a new box for a client
    • set intranet server information – http://servername:8530 (typically)
      • patches if local – come from server at lightning speed
      • remember to undue this after finished and before delivery to client
  • ncpa.cpl
    • Network Connections
    • this is by far the easiest way to get there in Vista which in this instance is admin unfriendly


  • …there are more that are much handier than browsing to the shortcut or creating a MMC console
  • please share any that you use in the comments

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