RWW with your own logo

To add your own logo to the SBS Remote Web Workplace aka RWW you merely need to replace the file shown below, RwwOEMLogo.gif, with your own .gif formatted logo.   The default is a blank 135×20 pixel rectangle – whatever size you bring in that fits in the RWW form window should be good to go.  The size of the header logo at the top is 448 x 175 pixels and its name is login.gif in case you want to modify it to carry that same look for use on the bottom logo.

Now Windows Home Server integrates this same RWW feature.  I’ll bet Kevin a dip of Graeter’s black-rasberry-chip that this works exactly the same in WHS.

image Here’s my site in action:


Here’s another way I found it useful.  To notify those on vacation on cruise ships, skiing, or otherwise impractical to call that their access is suspended due to password security breach of a dismissed employee.  Can’t say that many words so brevity has its limits.  **FYI – notice something else customized?**


***late breaking update***

If you want your logo centered rather than alligned to the right you can make this happen.  Edit and search through the logon.aspx for this picture file’s name – ‘RwwOEMlogo.gif’.  Preceding it is the HTML code align=right.  Change “right” to “center” and you are golden.

A special note to the Paint.NET tool at .  It rocks!


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