Registry Permission Reset? Meet SubInACL

When the registry permissions need reset this is the way to go.  Today I used this tool, SubInACL, to troubleshoot an IE7 won’t install issue where the installer log indicated that specific keys couldn’t be written to.  Upon further investigation the keys were completely absent of any visible permission and I couldn’t change a thing including assuming ownership.

What’s a fella to do?  Go to Aaron Stebner’s blog is what!  This SubInACL tool, a Windows Resource Kit app., along with the cmd instructions provided worked fairly quickly (under 5 minutes) and achieved the exact result desired.


5 responses to “Registry Permission Reset? Meet SubInACL

  1. Thank you very much! I have the same problem and still can’t find and solution. Aaron’s blog should be the one i am searching!

    • Since your are interested in scanning the registry for maintenance and cleaning out dead wood – also consider using the free Live scanner found at If you at first select the Full Scan you can later choose a custom subset of the available tools including just a registry cleaning scan. It’s a quick way to clean up older systems and if you want you can run all the tools overnight and wake up to a clean computer.

  2. its great to see people with enuff smartz to do things like this.

    • Technology may seem imposing but a lot of troubleshooting involves simple things such as “asking for help” aka Google FU and listening to the directions aka reading. Although syntax and jargon can be a difficult road block at times even then you can search your way through the speech impediment. There is usually someone out there on the web who has written in clear language or you can cross reference terminology with tools such as Wikipedia or posts in forums. Consider yourself Indiana Jones looking for a lost Ark or some such; just remember when to start running from the boulder and blow darts. 🙂

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