"referral"? What referral? Vista UAC feature oops overtightening

The below information saved my butt as I wrestled with the source of this “a referral was returned from the server” message.  First thought …”the server is giving out referrals?”  Did it go head hunter?  This wasn’t quite the case though.  This was caused by me manually changing to Enable this secloc.msc policy to add the restriction.  Oops I didn’t want it that secure.

Thank you Steve Patrick!

For your fine contributions and in memoriam to the feeling of glee solving this hit me  ***drum roll***

I give you the dancing banana award. Banana

However, the other day I was playing with Vista’s UAC features and manifests and noticed an error which doesn’t really give an indication as to what the real issue is so I thought I would note it here.

When I launched an application with a valid manifest I would get this error:


The error really didn’t tell me much but I did recall that I had set some UAC policies earlier  in this domain.

Under Security Options—  User Account Control: Only elevate executables that are signed and validated


Ahhh this was the culprit. Sho’ nuff , I reverted this and it all worked out.  However, had someone asked me why they got an error “A referral was returned from the server” in relation to a UAC issue – I never would have guessed this was the cause…

Spat’s WebLog (Steve Patrick) : Supportability and Vista UAC


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