a SBS little Christmas – sing it!

someone drinking some SBS nog wrote this for your enjoyment music_note
(Kevin Weilbacher SBS MVP)

Make Yourself a Very Stable Backup
aka: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Make yourself a very stable backup,
Since your disks may fail;
If you don’t your troubles
will be worse than jail.

Did you find that latest backup tape now?
Where could it have gone?
Find it now, or else you
will be up ’til dawn

Here we are as in younger days,
Those DOS golden days of yore,
Floppy disks that just worked for us
Never failed for us, I’m sure

Through the night
We all will stick together
That’s what friends are for,
Ask us all your questions,
You’ll get help, and more
Then grab yourself
A merry nap right on the floor!



2 responses to “a SBS little Christmas – sing it!

  1. That would be Kevin Weilbacher, SBS MVP

  2. good idea to call him out – so edited

    FYI – oops timezone offset got undone – now reset

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