Getting that Hotfix I Just Blogged About

After seeking the Windows Time Server precision-issue-Hotfix-patch mentioned a couple of posts back I sent feedback to Microsoft using the form at the bottom of the KB critiquing the lack of Hotfix download form.  Wow someone not only read it but responded in a helpful way!  Below is this response including a link to the Hotfix form.


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

I understand that you are unable to locate a Hotfix form in the KB940742 article to request for a Hotfix. I regret the inconvenience caused in requesting for a Hotfix.

We will be forwarding your comments regarding submission of Hotfix to the appropriate Microsoft group, which will use your feedback when planning and evaluating future enhancements.

Meanwhile, I request you to visit the web link mentioned below to submit your Hotfix request:;[LN];1414&from=KBHotfix&WS=hotfix

I hope the above information is helpful. Meeting and exceeding your expectations are my top priorities.

Thank you,


Microsoft Customer Service Representative


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