Vista Speech Recognition – Why not Office 2007? Doh!

This weekend I was trying to set up a microphone to initiate some verbal communication on an instant messenger when one thing led to another and I discovered a cool Vista feature I’ve heard about before. There is a very accurate and nifty Speech Recognition tool built into Vista – yes for those of you naysayers out there who say Vista offers nothing try saying this now :-P. After going through the well done tutorial I set out to try out this to see what potential fun could be had. Also using voice commands is kind of an ego trip; I hope they come out with a virtual serfdom game sometime (that is a joke just in case you missed it).

I switched windows, minimized programs, closed some, and then opened a new game of Spider Solitaire. All of this worked great and then I was actually playing a game while have a drink sitting back with my feet up and using only the calories needed to move my facial muscles. The next version will need to use thought control to improve on this further …but I digress.

Anyway I finally got around to checking out its practical business use – dictation. This is where I ran into a wall with a big thud. You can dictate into WordPad and Notepad but I don’t normally construct documents in these rudimentary programs. Instead I opened Word 2007 and struggled to type a single word. After enough futility I did some investigation through the Office Online Help to discover that Office 2007 doesn’t support Speech Recognition. Doh!!!! What the? Is Microsoft awake at the helm on this one? Yes, Microsoft is awake; apparently I wasn’t.  Tonight after finding contrary information I tried again and it worked as desired.  Doh!  Here’s the MS info.

Compose documents by talking to your computer
The 2007 Microsoft Office system works with Windows Speech Recognition in the Windows Vista operating system, allowing you to navigate the User Interface, compose documents, open email and more without using a mouse or keyboard


What have your experiences been on this if any?


2 responses to “Vista Speech Recognition – Why not Office 2007? Doh!

  1. I always think it would be cool to use voice recognition, but then I also think it’s kind of weird, because I’m sitting in a room talking to myself, and my wife would probably keep saying “WHAT!?” from the other room…

    Plus, there is a lot of pressure to perform when your computer is waiting for you to say something profound.

  2. lmao :-> I recommend taking some computer sensitivity classes.

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