Looking Good Billy Ray – Feeling Good Louis!

That movie line has me chuckling as I reflect on the screenshot release buzz of Microsoft Office Live Workspace.  This just seems a lot to do about nothing.  Must be a slow news day for the threatened Google Docs appologists I’ve just read.

To the MS folks expecially the SBS crowd we will immediately see the SharePoint Services correlations; however, this is a SAAS play in the market that is being seen as a response to Google Docs.  My responce …”whatever **with a sarcastic vacant tone**  I’m not so sure this is the case but even if it is this won’t be how it will be used.  This is strictly a Microsoft only product through and through and is set solely for Microsoft Office documents.  Google free everything entitlement brats can play in their sandbox while businesses grow in a reliable and profitable marketplace.

What is interesting is that this is very cool and useful for SOHO types.  Take a looksy at the very interesting screenshots here at readwriteweb.com.  Also sign up for the beta here at microsoft.

Please take a look at the thumbnail below; this is an interesting portal to see for anyone in the small business market to view what the mothership is marketing to our space.

  Live Workspace Signup click on this thumbnail to see full size


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