Buying Retail Boxes from Microsoft? – Think About It

Eric Ligman of Microsoft has again answered the bell with resources to take Microsoft Licensing to the people in plain “speaksy Englishy” style.  Perhaps you like having this information for yourself as an advisor or a reseller but this site is designed to be useful to your customer as well.  The business decision maker can see why they might want to consider Open License purchases whenever possible.

This site has some nice comparison visuals and the links at the bottom round this out as a singularly authoritative place to come first for SMB Microsoft software purchase guidance.  There is a reason why Eric doesn’t just table out the product sku’s and their estimated retail price amount.  They are not all the same.

To be fair you really need to know what each type offers and why you would want or recommend one option over another.  Not all businesses are built the same way.  That higher priced but three-year spread payment Open Value Licensing scheme may be right up the alley of some.  It certainly makes things easy to track and brings extras to tempt anyone on the edge of going one way or the other.


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