SBS Server Managment – a couple of missing web UI’s

Many days and issues along the way I’ve been able to succeed in solving a quirky SBS-Server Management web page display failures issue.  At some point the busted SBS R2 machine has had its IIS settings modified for the Default Website.

I followed KB842693and found that I needed to add an additional address to the Default Website, – TCP port 80 – no host header.  Somehow someway it got removed along its life but I’ll never know why; at least it’s straightened out now.

With this simple modification all went golden.  SBS Backup, Monitoring & Performance Reports, and the integrated Update Services home all returned to functionality.  No re-installations needed.

With the help of Google I found that quite a few people had written about this same issue and going back nearly 4 years.  For instance here’s such a discussion from Susan Bradley:  Issues with Monitoring and Reporting or Backup Snap-in?

As many of us assume preconfigured (and often to a bad result) SBS machines, this kind of scenario is unfortunately likely to recur.  So if ever you run across odd IIS behavior then this post will be here to help us out.


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