WSUS – BITS download at full speed

With WSUS you may desire the option to store the updates locally and if so this tip will assist you.

There is a nifty way to get the initial girth of downloads synchronized which involves a downloaded tool and a command with switches.  The tool toggles the BITS services to fully throttle up its bandwidth and prioritize itself.  The tool is the Server Diagnostic Tool aka WSUSDebugTool.exe.  After downloaded you run a command to its path with the following syntax:

path\WsusDebugTool.exe /tool:setforegrounddownload

When you are satisfied and want to return to the previous condition you then run with this syntax:

path\WsusDebugTool.exe /tool:resetforegrounddownload


By design BITS 2.0 (currently in use) watches the NIC activity of the WSUS machine and decides when to take or give bandwidth for downloading patches.  In this way it uses the bandwidth intelligently.  The next Windows 2008 version of BITS 3.0 will take this a step further and actually watch the gateway.  By doing this and coupled with GPO involvement it will toggle the bandwidth based on this definitive threshold point so as to best assure that the bandwidth is adjusted to reach the intended maximum effects.  Sometimes the gateway and the WSUS server’s external NIC can be the same thing as in the current SBS 2003 Premium w/ ISA topology.  However the writing is already on the wall that ISA will no longer be deployed in SBS using that topology starting with the next 2008 “Cougar” version.


4 responses to “WSUS – BITS download at full speed

  1. Thanks for the tip!!!

    Help me much!


  2. I tried to run this command in a WSUS SP1 Enviroment, but it is not working anymore (it worked fine until WSUS 3.0)

    Am I right? What could be the problem?


    Here is a batch file i wrote to speed up WSUS on SBS 2008

  4. @ECHO OFF
    ECHO ———————————-
    ECHO ! Before !
    ECHO ———————————-
    bitsadmin.exe /rawreturn /list /allusers
    ECHO ———————————-
    ECHO ! Processing !
    ECHO ———————————-
    FOR /F %%G IN (‘bitsadmin.exe /rawreturn /list /allusers’) DO (
    ECHO Setting priority of job %%G to FOREGROUND
    psexec -d -s “bitsadmin /setpriority %%G FOREGROUND” 2> NUL
    ECHO ———————————-
    ECHO ! After !
    ECHO ———————————-
    bitsadmin.exe /rawreturn /list /allusers

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