Pre-Halloween preparatory scare – SP2 fully remote

20 miles away in the comfort of my office – Installing Windows Server 2003 SP2 (on SBS 2003) REMOTELY – Nightmare on Virtual Street? Deal or NO deal?

I am really insane or have a death wish or something? Let the truth be my vindicating justice.

**disclaimer**  don’t do this ever, it won’t work, you would be crazy to do this, the networking components will explode, it won’t work, don’t even mention SP2,  worst SP ever, watch out

****addendum to the disclaimer****This was done purely for entertainment purposes.  Please do not try this without a car nearby.  This is a Service Pack known with occasional post-installation issues including NIC (RSS) interruption.

******an addendum to the addendum******After this completed it should be noted that there were NO Additional patches offered.  This is important to note as I had just recently posted that the w2k3 SP2 file was updated (as shown in the WSUS sync report).  Now it appears that the RSS and the other networking related post W2k3 SP2 patch are either integrated or are some how circumvented to where they aren’t even offered.  This is a good thing as this does allow for much safer remote installation consideration.  Perhaps I wasn’t so crazy after all.


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