Sender ID Filtering – SPF record creation provides ROI

Three steps to assist with preventing domain mail spoofing:

  1. Assess and gather information on domain(s) that send mail from your organization (this is for external usage/verification not internal)
  2. Create a SPF TXT record and publish it to authoritative DNS name servers
  3. Verify – Ensure that the domain is being protected as intended.

Sender Packet Framework, SPF, record creation and publishing to a DNS name server is at the heart of the Sender ID Filtering framework.  The other side of the configuration is done within the mail server itself.  Many have shrunk back from implementing this while other are embracing this new technology and benefitting from it.

2007 report shows very encouraging news of this anti-SPAM tool at a favorable tipping point,  after reading the report I have to wonder who was the editor but still some of the information clearly shows the trend is making a dramatic difference for companies such as PayPal and, as well as, users of Hotmail mailboxes.

A couple of top level Microsoft resources:


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